Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Courtney Connect smartcards are available?

You will need to get a card appropriate to your age:

  • Adult
  • Busta (for 16-19 year olds)
  • Child (for under 16s)

You can choose to have a Period card (which will store weekly or 4-weekly tickets) or a Multi-12 card which will store 12 single trips.

Finally, choose the card which best suits the area/zones in which you regularly travel. A network card covers the whole Courtney Network.

How much do the Courtney Connect smartcards cost?

There is a deposit of £3 for the card which is refundable if the card is no longer needed. Then you simply pay for the product which has been pre-loaded onto the card.

We ask you to complete an initial registration form; this is in case you lose your card so we can block it and transfer the balance to a new card for you, subject to an administration charge, currently £6 including the card deposit.

Can I load a new ticket before the current one expires?

You can top-up on the bus at any time befoe your current ticket has expired, so it is easy to ensure that your Courtney Connect smartcard is loaded with a valid ticket for travel, or sufficient cash for your needs. You will get a receipt for the ticket purchased to show it is loaded onto your Courtney Connect smartcard. A stored period ticket will not become active until the previous ticket has expired. Your next ticket will only activate the next time you use it. This allows you to leave a gap from the end of one ticket to the start of the next.

How do I know what is on my card?

If you are using stored cash, you will always get a ticket to show the balance remaining on your card. If using a trip from a multi-trip ticket you will get a paper ticket from the machine only when you have 2 trips left, or 2 days left on a period ticket.

You can also ask the driver before placing you card on the reader, and they can give you a printout of everything on your card.

If travelling with another person, can they use my courtney Connect smartcard?

If you are using cash from the Smart Purse, then yes. If you have a Multi-Trip ticket, and the person travelling with you is the same age category and going to the same destination as you, then that is also acceptable. Period tickets, however are for one person only.

Can I change my 7 day period smartcard to a 28 day period or visa-versa?

Yes, it is possible to change over the period ticket but this cannot be done online. You can change it over by visiting the bus and asking your driver for the period ticket you wish to top-up. The driver will take cash and top up the correct period ticket on the smartcard. Now that you have activated the pass, you can continue to use the online service to top-up. Any questions please call Head Office and speak to reception.

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