child bus tickets 

Child bus tickets are available for those 18 and under.  Two accompanied children under the age of 7 travel for FREE with any fare paying customer or bus pass holder (including ENCTS) and can take up to 2 children with them under the age of 7 for free. Any additional children travelling will be charged the normal child bus fare (regardless of whether they are under 7 or over).

Child bus tickets can now also be purchased on-board using your contactless debit/credit card or contactless-enabled mobile device.


looking for school bus timetables?

We run a number of dedicated bus services to schools in and around the Bournemouth and Poole area. 

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Child bus fares are available until your 19th birthday. Many young customers look very grown up and our bus drivers may question your age. We recommend that ID is carried so that your age can be verified otherwise you may be charged an adult bus fare.

We have a range of bus tickets available for children, single and return bus tickets are available from the driver when you board the bus. Dayrider bus tickets are also available which are valid for one day's unlimited travel meaning you can hop on and off the bus as much as you like!

  zone A zone AB zone ABC
Dayrider £2.60 £3.60 £5.70



child bus tickets on theKey 

Child bus tickets on theKey will be available as a Network ticket, which covers travel on more, Salisbury Reds, bluestar, unilink and Damory

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Child Network

7 days £20.00
30 days £76.00
90 days £205.00