Courtney Connect Smartcard Terms & Conditions

All smartcards remain the property of Courtney Buses. All cards are ITSO compliant and therefore are also covered by ITSO rules and regulations.

Smartcards are non-transferrable and should only be used by the person they are intended for. This may be the person who purchases or tops-up the card or another person for whom the card has been bought or topped-up. Period Smartcards can only be used by one person per journey and cannot be passed back to be used by another, however Multi-Trip Smartcards can be used by a second (or more) persons by touching the card reader a second (or more) times. In this case, the additional travellers must be going to the same destination, and be of the same or lower age category as the card being used. In the case of e-purse transactions, the registered 'owner' of the card should purchase the required tickets for all parties to avoid confusion.

In all cases, unless stated otherwise, period tickets (7 & 28 days) are valid for travel on consecutive days only. Smartcard products will activate from the first trip on bus and then 'count down' the days remaining. Should you choose not to travel after activating the product on your card, you will still lose the days that you haven't travelled. If you want to travel on different days, then you should use a Multi-Trip Smartcard. Multi-trip tickets only deduct the single trip you are making off the smartcard and will then store the remaining journeys until you use them.

It is against Courtney Buses policy for cards to be copied or cloned. Any attempt to do so may result in legal action.

Lost or stolen cards may be "blocked" and replaced by contacting Courtney Buses Customer Services on 0118 973 3486, or contacting us through our website. An administration charge will be applied to cover the cost.


Refunds are only granted in exceptional circumstances and are entirely at the discretion of the Company. Refunds must be applied for in writing. If granted, a refund will always be calculated on a non pro rata basis which fairly accounts for the travel used. A £5 administration charge will be made for all refunds. 'Refunds' are not to be confused with the transfer of outstanding tickets from a lost, stolen, or damaged Smartcard.