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Jun 14

Operator website sees 200% growth in visits

  • Created:Tuesday, June 14 2016

Thamesdown transport of Swindon has seen a growth in visits to its website increase by over 200% percent in just a year since joining the BusCms client family and pudating thier website.

Comparing website sessions (visits) over the last 2 years it is clear that deciding to impleent the BusCms system was a real turning point which has increased the number of weekely visitors to thier website threefold.

The graph above shows this rise.  The Blue dataset are the number of weekly visits to thier previous website.  The red data shows visits to the m.thamesdown-transport.co.uk mobiel only website we implemented for them a year ago.  Finally the green data is from thier new BusCms responsive website launched in December 2015.


Real Growth

Growth on the new site is still increasing.  This is a real example of how using BusCms to improve your website and information to passengers can drive real growth.