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Jan 03

Norfolk Stop Side Displays

  • Created:Saturday, January 03 2015

BusCms has proved to be adaptable to print and not just online media.   Following on from our recent work with them and Durham City Council, transport information specialists FWT asked Netescape whether we could adapt BusCms, and it's industry leading TransXchange data support, in order to produce print ready timetables and departure boards for Norfolk County Council.

BusCms has long been one of the best systems in the industry for manipulating transXchange data, and so when Norfolk County Council asked FWT to produce printed departure boards from supplied transXchange documents, FWT knew who to ask to assist in processing the data.

BusCms has always produced online timetables and departure boards but getting it to produce print ready PDFs to the exacting design standards of FWT would be a challenge.  We are pleased to announce that the results are everything both parties hoped and over 100 stops are already sporting departure boards in a range of frames and sizes produced via BusCms.

For a sample departure board click the link below, or alternatively visit Norfolk this year.