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Nov 04

Merge services into single timetable

  • Created:Tuesday, November 04 2014

Today we are pleased to announce a new feature that has been requested many times - merging of timetable files.

BusCms has long pioneered suport for TransXchange, however one issue many operators have faced is that the transxchange files they have are for individual services and do not always reflect how they would like to display timetables to passengers.  A classic case is merging having distinct timetables for 2 largely similar services (.e.g 5 and 5A) taht share common parts of thier routes.

Now using BusCms you can take 2 seperate service timetables and use our new 'merge' tool to previewan save a merged version of the timetables.  The image below illustartes this process (click the image for a larger version).