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May 05

New! Pull your timetable data direct from Traveline

  • Created:Monday, May 05 2014

We are pleased to announce a new feature that makes it even easier to use BusCms.com to manage your timetable data.  As from today existing users will see a new option when importing timetable files into the system.

Take control of your data and get set up using BusCms.com even quicker

You can now opt to import a service timetable directly from the data that Traveline holds for you.  Ideally as an operator you will want to import your own timetable and scheduling data into BusCms.com directly, ensuring complete accuracy and control.  You can of course continue to do this using the exitsing TransXchange, OmniTIMES and Excel importing methods.

However, if you know that Traveline hold the correct scheduling data for a service, and you do not have the source data to hand you can opt to search traveline for your service and import the timetables directly.

New BusCms operators, or operators whose data is not currently produced in an easy to upload electronic format can opt to use this option instead and get all of their data into BusCms.com and on to their own websites in a matter of minutes.

If you would like to know more about this feature or any of the other BusCms data import features please contact Lee Davies, our Technical Director directly on 01273 440999.