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Jan 28

New responsive website template for operators on a budget

  • Created:Tuesday, January 28 2014


responsive template

Netescape have worked with all kind of operators, from large groups to small independents. One problem common to them all is budget. Everyone wants a professional looking, accessible website, but not everyone has the budget for a brand new bespoke design.

However, operators in this position can still give their site a makeover with BusCms.com. They have two options: either keep their existing site but embed useful BusCms features, enabling them to offer their customers HTML timetables, fare lookups, and more; or create a brand new site using the new BusCms.com responsive template. This is a website template that will look good on any internet enabled device, from a phone to a desktop computer, and can be modified to fit the branding of the operator. This way operators can avoid the time, cost and hassle of commissioning a new site whilst still receiving the benefits.

If you are interested in the new BusCms.com responsive template please don't hesitate to contact us.