contactless payments for bus passengers across Southampton

Friday, July 14 2017

Customers travelling by bus across Southampton can now board with a flick of their payment cards - following the introduction of contactless payments. 

Our buses are equipped with USB charging points for customers with smartphones or smart devices. And there is free on-board WiFi too. Now we’re accepting all contactless payment types, including Apple and Android - as well as wearable devices like Apple Watch. 

It’s a quick and convenient way to pay but we’d like to reassure customers who prefer to use other payment methods - like cash and  theKey- that they will still be able to do so. This move is all about giving our customers more choice. 

Buses provide an affordable solution to help reduce air pollution and, by improving the services we offer, we are helping to make sustainable transport a far more attractive option for those who may otherwise journey across the city by car.

So, get on board - try contactless and travel around your city with unilink.


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