Speak me also known as Recite is a unique assistive technology that enables most parts of our website to be read out aloud with the click of a button from any computer.

The following guide shows you how to use the basic features of Recite.


how to use the Speak me 


  • click on the Speak me logo at the top right of the page.

  • then a tool bar will appear across the top of the web page.


  • hover your cursor pointer over any text anywhere on the website and Recite will read the text back to you. A small box will pop up allowing you to pause, go back to the start or stop the reading, the text being read is also highlighted in a pale blue colour.



using the tool bar


There are lots of other options in the tool bar to help improve accessibility for all, if you hover over the icons a small box appears telling you what each one enables you to do:

You can:

  • change the size of text or the font
  • change the colour of text and background 
  • change the language - there are over 50 options
  • remove all images from our website so only the text can be viewed
  • you can save your settings and they can be undone and the website returned to its default setting