Helping Hand Scheme

The Helping Hand Scheme is designed to give our customers a helping hand when using our bus services; a simple way to help our drivers help you.

The credit card sized information card holds a brief written instruction for the driver that can be shown upon boarding the bus. The driver is made aware of the customer's needs or requirements quickly, directly and discreetly without the customer having to verbally communicate it.

The scheme can be very helpful for hidden disabilities and many customers are now using the bus off the bus; in taxis, shops and leisure establishments like the cinema.

For example, "Please face me I lip read" can help anywhere at any time.

The Helping Hand Scheme is administered by Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus.

In partnership with:

Some examples:

  • For the customer that may need time to find a seat in priority seating before the driver pulls away. This is very helpful for passengers with hidden disabilities.
  • Some of our customers have extra special requirements such as a pushchair with oxygen or other medical equipment being carried.
  • For passengers who may wish to discreetly advise a staff member of a medical condition; helping to make them feel more confident when travelling.
  • We have some passengers with hidden disabilities who require a priority seat. This has helped to advuse the driver, although some passengers have also advised fellow travellers by using the card.
  • For the driver to give blind or visually impaired passengers advice of their next stop. All of our buses are "talking buses" with ausio announcements, so the card is helpful for companies without this facility.
We provide further exmaples on our application form, although we will discuss with the pssenger personally their requirments, and create bespoke designs on request.

The reverse of the card can display, if required, the customer's name an emergency contact number. This is optional, but it can offer assurance and instill confidence, that if needed, someone they know can be called upon for help. This is especially relevant for customer who suffer from conditions such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's or dementia.

How to apply for Helping Hand card

Applying is easy by clicking here or by ringing 01273 886200 where one of our customer service advisors will be happy to help, and by request, post out an application form.

Application forms can also be picked up at -


1 Stop Travel, 26 North Street, Brighton, BN1 1EB


Head Office, 43 Conway Street, Hove, BN3 3LT


Metrobus, Customer Services, Crawley Bus Station, Friary Way, Crawley, RH10 1HZ


Metrobus Customer Services, Redhill Travel Shop, Redhill Bus Station, Princess Way, Redhill, RH1 1QA


Q. How much will this cost me?
A. The card is free of charge. A valid ticket or concessionary pass is still required for travel.
Q. I am a carer for my child who is disabled. Can I apply for a card on that basis?
A. Yes, carers can apply for cards and we will be happy to discuss the appropriate message on the card with you when you contact.
Q. My card says that I need a priority seat. If someone is sitting in the seat can the driver make the customer vacate it in order for me to sit down?
A. Unfortunately whilst we can ask, we cannot make anyone vacate a seat for another customer. The card will however inform the driver you require a priority seat and therefore will allow the driver to assist and ask other customers to vacate the area.
Q. I have lost my card. What can I do and will I have to pay for a replacement?
A. There is no charge for a replacement card. If you ring our customer services on 01273 886200 we would be happy to send a replacement.
Q. I don't live in Brighton and Hove, how can I get my free card?
A. If you ring our customer services on 01273 886200 we would be happy to assist and advise you.
Q. My card asks fpr the driver to lower the ramp, but I also want a card that say to wait until seated before pulling away. Can I have two different cards?
A. We will work with you to agree the wording that assists you the most. If this requires two card, we will provide them.
Q. The driver read my card and didn't follow the request. What now?
A. We aim to provide the highest standards of professional service and we will investigate any problems that you may have so that we can improve the scheme. Please contact us on 01273 886200 and we will be able to help you further.

For information on any of our services or fares please call our customer services team on 01273 886200.

Phone lines are open:

Mondays - Fridays ~ 7am - 7pm

Saturdays ~ 8:30am - 5:30pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays ~ 9:30am - 4:30pm

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